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8 Benefits of Using WordPress to Design Your Website


Since 2003 when it first emerged, WordPress has gradually risen to be the top ranking blogging software available on the market. Non-blogging websites have also in the recent times used it for content management. When it comes to creating a WordPress website, a lot of non-techies are finding it easy. Here are just some of the reasons why you'll enjoy using WordPress.



Easy to use


With its intuitive interface, WordPress is relatively easy to use. You can regularly add new images, blog posts and pages very quickly. The time you'll spend on creating the website and publishing content is very little due to the simplicity of the technology.



Most search engines love WordPress sites


WordPress code is very simple and clean. This in turn makes it easy for search engines to recognize and index contents of a site. Moreover, every post, image and page may have its unique Meta tag descriptions, keywords and title. Optimization is hence possible for each keyword enabling absolute search engine optimization. You can use tags too to support your search engine optimization.



Website can be managed from any computer


Being browser-based, WordPress with wp pour les nuls allows you to access your website using any computer connected to the internet and manage it at your own convenience. You therefore don't have to be confined to a particular machine whenever you want to login to your website.



Fully customizable website design


WordPress also allows you to customize the look and feel of your website anytime you feel the need to. Sometimes business websites require new customizations and changes to cope up with the new trends and competition challenges. WordPress gives you the chance to do this and give your visitors a unique WPPourlesNuls experience.



FTP software and HTML editing not necessary


Another interesting thing with WordPress is that it offers full-house functionalities and you don't have to bring in HTML or FTP software.


In-built blog


WordPress was originally created for blogging and therefore it comes ready with blogging tools. You can, for instance, set up email subscriptions and add commenting capabilities to your blog so that your site becomes more interactive and dynamic.



You can control your site


With WordPress, you can make changes to your website anytime anywhere. You don't have to always contact your web designer to come perform simple updates on your behalf.



You can extend your website's functionality with plugins


WordPress offers affordable and free plugins which can help you add more functionality such as Twitter Feeds, Facebook Fan Box, video gallery or even a calendar to your website when there is need.