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5 Important Features of Common WordPress Themes


WordPress is a platform that has been used to create most of the blogs and websites you visit every day. The platform is very easy to apply, and courtesy of the massive theme developer support it receives, you can use it to create websites for a wide array of applications, including blogs, eCommerce sites, and portfolio websites. There are several essential features that every WordPress theme should have, including:


1. Responsive Design


Every modern website should have responsive design. And if you're using WordPress to create your website, make sure to use a theme that supports responsiveness. The design will make it possible and easy for visitors using a wide range of devices, including smart phones, tablets, and laptops, to access and use your website.


2. Social Networking Features


Today, every website wants to have a significant social media presence. Thus, it is very important that your WordPress site is sharable across the many social networking sites that exist today and more that will come up in future, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The theme you use on your WordPress site should be able to support social sharing.


3. Unlimited Page Styles


When you need to create a unique WordPress site, it makes sense that you're offered an extensive array of page styles. Each page style and layout is designed for specific purposes, such as eCommerce. So, be certain that the theme you use supports the appearance and functions your business or website requires.


4. Upgrade and User Support


For it to be easy for you to upgrade your WordPress site, the theme you use should be very intuitive when it comes to that. It should provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to upgrade and update information automatically. Even free WordPress themes have substantial user support, so don't compromise on this.


5. Many Widgets


Custom and customizable widgets that come with many WordPress themes are very desirable. When you have widgets that come with a specific theme, you can be sure of smooth visual flow and seamless installation. This saves time and effort. The very best WordPress themes may also provide plenty of placement locations, including sidebars, footer, and header.


There are many important features that WordPress themes cliquant ici  should have. These features make it possible to create websites that look professional, and can be customized to suit specific business applications. The above are just a few of the elements you may prioritize for your WordPress theme.