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Advantages of Using WordPress for Website Creation


WordPress simply refers to a free downloadable software script that you can install to instantly create a site. It's very simple to set up WordPress, thanks to its developers. With WordPress, you don't have to be a computer wizard to have your site fully functional within 15 minutes or so.


There are various reasons why you should employ WordPress as a content management system (CMS) in your new site. It's not only cheap and even free, but also great for these reasons:


Unlimited uses


WordPress has infinite applications and uses. It may be used to design a personal site where you can blog about your loved ones, share photos, communicate with colleagues and acquaintances, at any time anywhere. You may also create a WordPress website for your business so you can easily publish marketing content online. You can also create your personal blog with WordPress and write about yourself, as well as meet with those who share your interests.


Open source software


WordPress is open source software. Thus, you can use it for any kind of ensavoirplus website free of charge. It's based on the open source MySQL database server and PHP programming language, which are both internet-based systems that provide a greater degree of reliability and security.


Stand-alone software


WordPress is a stand-alone program. So, you don't need to purchase a copy of Dreamweaver or Frontpage to use it. You also don't have to learn how to use the software. Once it's installed, you just log in as an 'Admin' and configure it any way you want. You can also publish new articles to the internet using the Admin page. Again, you don't have to have HTML experience.




You don't need any experience when it comes to creating WordPress website. Today, most web hosts allow you to install WordPress through a few clicks of the mouse. It's highly recommended that you use HostGator. Their Admin area can be easily navigated and you can even easily add web pages and articles to your website.




Whether you like it or not, Google, Yahoo and MSN are the biggest search engines on the internet. Most people search websites by keywords on these search engines. These search engines index your site depending on your content. If your site isn't indexed, those searching for your site will never find it, unless they enter your domain name in their browser. But thanks to WordPress, you can get access to different techniques that will optimize your site to be friendly to search engines, so it's easily and quickly indexed.